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Best fitness equipment you can buy if you have no space

Feb 18th, 2013

Best fitness equipment you can buy if you have no space

Over the years, I’ve accumulated lots of training products, some pretty useful that I use with clients even today and some absolutely pointless.

Read below to find out what the best fitness equipment you can buy if you have don’t space.

Enter the KettleBell

One of the better tools I have is a Kettle bell, fairly compact and versatile. If you explore Youtube you’ll see there are lots of crazy exercises and lots of crazy complexes. I tend to keep my movements simple as I don’t want to be that noisy neighbour jumping up and down.

I chose to buy an adjustable version of the kettlebell because I didn’t want 10 kettlebells lined up in my living room. Neither did my wife. Due to their recent popularity manufacturers made them without understanding why the kettlebell was a certain shape or size, or what they could be used for. Which often meant they came in funny shapes, with different handle clearances and handle shapes.


The Official Competition Style Kettlebell

kelly holmes kb

The Kelly Holmes Style Kettlebell (Please DO NOT get this one)


What to look out for when choosing a kettle bell

The kettlebell should be a certain size and shape, due to the nature of the exercises you’ll need a good clearance between the top of the kettlebell and the underside of the handle. I prefer the base of the kettlebell to be large enough so that you can place the kettlebell on the floor and perform L-Sits or push ups on them without it toppling over.

Back in 2010 I bought a 24kg cast iron kettle bell from Jordan fitness in the UK, however when I received it, the handle clearance was way too small and the handle itself felt like I was touching a cactus.

If the handle clearance was too short, this meant the kettle bell would “sit” closer to your wrist, which is extremely uncomfortable and there’s a higher risk of injury.


Bad wrist position Kettlebell

pav wrist

Pavel “racking” the kettlebell with correct wrist position

Luckily Jordan Fitness UK refunded the kettlebelll and even called me up to ask me why I returned it. 3 months later I revisted their store and found they scrapped that kettlebell for better version. Which I have no problem recommending.Visit them Here

 The next important point you need to ask is how smooth is the handle? Since kettlebells movements are repetitive, having a smooth handle enables the user to “rack” the kettlebell without grating the skin off your hands.
Most of the Kettlebell Sport enthusiasts tape their hands or use a wrist wrap, the same kind that boxers use, but for those that don’t want to use gloves or wraps, a smooth kettlebell handle is essential.

To summarise the adjustable kettlebell –

Pros – 

Saves space, many kettlebells in one
Competition style kettlebell available
Durable, as long as you’re not chucking them across the room


Quality of kettlebells differ from supplier
“Odd shaped” kettlebells that offer no benefit to user
Handle clearance on some kettlebells are too short. Avoid them at all costs.

An important note – Please refer to a qualified trainer to teach you how to use the kettlebells as improper use or understanding of technique can cause injury. 

Where can you buy a Kettlebell?

As I said there various places you can buy them from, amazon, ebay, even tesco!

However my number one place to go would be Wolverson fitness. The Kettlebells are high quality and in my experience the customer service was excellent.

Ultimate Bodypress – Dip Bar

The next tool I would get is a Dip bar by Ultimate Bodypress

dip bar


Easy to set up, durable, strong and sturdy design.

Initially I purchased the item so that I could perform a good back exercise without damaging the door frame, most bodyweight exercises tend to favour a push movement and this was a good solution.


The company ships internationally and it’s reasonably priced, very good quality. I would recommend this to other mobile personal trainers.

If you do decide to buy the product, buy the dip frame only. The push up attachment isn’t worth the extra money, it literally “hooks” over the top of the dip frame. Although ring push ups are quite hard to do, I didn’t feel like this was the best way to do it.
Due to the attachment hooking over the top of the frame, there’s a small chance it could come off, which didn’t help my confidence doing them.

Save your money for something else.

The king of all back exercises

If you wanted to splash your cash you could buy the Portable Pull Up Bar by Trapezerigging – Sold by Firetoys UK




I purchased the All in One Portable Pull up and dip frame. Great for pull ups with various grips.
Other reviewers have said that the frame is too wobbly and isn’t strong or sturdy enough. However I find the frame is fine if you execute with good form.
If you swing your body or you’re going too fast then it is going to shake.
The frame isn’t made for kipping pull ups.

Please view this video if you want to learn how to progress the pull up

Why would you buy this product?

If you live in a one bed flat/apartment like I do, and your landlord doesn’t want you marking the walls or door frames, then this is perfect. It also comes in handy to dry your clothes haha.

As long as your wife or partner doesn’t mind a large metal frame obstructing her views.

If you are buying this product to be used as a Dip frame, Dont! When dipping the centre frame hits the middle of your chest, its not very comfortable, plus a good dip would require you to lean forward.

The Ultimate BodyPress Dip Frame would be a better choice.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes I would. I love the pull up bar.


If you’re a fitness fanatic with little space, and you don’t want to be stuck inside a gym, try out some of the fitness equipment I’ve reviewed here.

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