Personal Training In Chiswick


Jun 7th, 2019

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Try out this Fat loss plan

There are hundreds of workouts that all claim to be the best for fat loss! The truth is that fat loss always has (and always will!) come down to creating a calorie deficit… Whatever the activity, walking, lifting weights, or swimming etc, if you are burning more calories than you are taking into your body, […]

Jun 6th, 2019

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Why we need to do Squats

Ever notice that one person who practically lives in the squat rack? Male and female athletes alike are adding squats to their workout routines. Doing squats does more than just make your bum and thighs look great. It has many other benefits that most people don’t realise. SHAPES UP THE THIGHS, BUTTOCKS, AND QUADRICEPS The […]

Feb 9th, 2015

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De-stress your body with these 5 simple body hacks

5 simple body hacks you should already be doing   As a personal trainer, I find myself repeating a lot of the same information, it’s not that I like to sound like a broken old record but I’m seeing a common trend in my clients lifestyles that need to be addressed.  There are a few changes you […]