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Fat joe loses 100lbs – Find out how

Dec 21st, 2012

Fat joe loses 100lbs – Find out how

Fat Joe loses 100lbs of weight, that’s 45kg, that’s 7stone!! That’s a person!!

For anyone who doesn’t know who Fat Joe is, he’s an American Hip Hop artist. He’s been around for years and it’s really good to see someone go from his former size to his current state. It’s mind blowing.

If you check out the video below, he states that he cut out the carbohydrates, and educated himself on what foods were right for him.

A caveman type of diet has been shown to work for most people.

There a various factions around the nutrition community and for the most part they all agree that a protein and vegetable diet seems to work best.

My advice is to eat food that is natural as you can get.

For those wondering whether to have carbohydrates or not really depends on how much metabolic pathway training you do. For someone that is doing high intensity training they’re clearly going to need some kind of carb as well as protein.

A diet that fluctuates the carbohydrate intake according to their exercise levels has also been shown to work quite well for weight/fat loss.
In a recent study an intermittent low carb diet was much better compared to a calorie restricted diet, This diet is similar to the “Anabolic diet” where you cycle the amount of carbohydrates from low, medium to high. It’s important to find out what works best for you.

What should you do –

  1. Eat food, real food. Meat/Veg. No processed stuff.No wheat i.e. Pasta, bread, pastries, etc.
  2. Clean Carbohydrates – post workout (Sweet potatoes, yams, maybe some brown rice)
  3. Allow yourself to have some carbohydrate on the days you work out intensely and on the days you don’t try reducing your portion. Some people work better at having a controlled amount of carbohydrate during the week.
    Take your time to figure out what kind of diet works for you!
  4. Make sure you’re eating  colourful vegetables to vary the types of antioxidants you’re getting.
  5. Listen to your body. Keep a food log, note down what you ate, the time you ate it, and how you felt. Any digestive issues, bloating/burping etc. Time’s you’ve felt sluggish. Note them all down, you’ll see a pattern emerge from what you’ve been eating and how it impacted your energy levels.


Check out the video below to find out how Fat Joe lost the weight and “dropped a body”

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Metabolic Boot Camp

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