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Your Free Fitness Tracker

Feb 11th, 2013

Your Free Fitness Tracker

As a trainer, I often see people struggling to keep to their goals during the year, initially the New year rush with all that excitement and energy for the gym seems to wither.

From my own experience I find that it’s difficult to do a workout if you’ve been in the same place all day. I love my job but after training people all morning and afternoon the last thing you want to do is train in the same place as you work.

You would think the solution would be simple enough to just change location and train at another place. However due to travelling to another gym to get my workout in, all I would think about is food! And going home to make something to eat seemed like a better option.

I know, I know….but I’m human and hungry!  😛

Enter Fred


Fred is the Fitocracy mascot. A FREE fitness tracker. For Android or the Iphone.

For those that don’t know what Fitocracy is, it’s an app developed by a group of geniuses with a community of helpful people to keep you accountable.

Accountability makes the difference between those who get results and those who don’t.

When I first started using Fitocracy, I really didn’t understand what was going on. You see for every workout you log into Fictocracy you attain points. The points unfortunately cannot be used to purchase items, or exchange for money, however your points are stored and eventually when you have enough you level up!

What sets Fitocracy apart from all the other fitness apps I’ve tried is that you keep coming back for the challenge, aiming to get the highest points awarded after doing a tough workout, or going to the next level.

What you end up staying for is the community and the people that are doing the exact same thing as you, where ever they are in the world.

This makes this a powerful tool because not only do you compete against yourself, you can also add other users, and see what their workouts are like and what points they get. The feel good factor of getting a reward every time you workout makes you want to keep using the app and keep doing your workouts.


The designers have made the app really easy to use, you log in via any kind of social network you’re with i.e. facebook or twitter and then you’re able to start.

The exercises are easy to track and if you don’t like using the app you can also use the Fitocracy site.

One  of the features I enjoy about the app is the Quests, this feature adds a change to your routine. A couple of weeks ago I chose to do the 100 burpee challenge. I made time in my schedule to do the 100 burpees. It was horrible. However I was happy that I did it! All workouts are made by Fitocracy and all you have to do is complete it.

The duel feature isn’t something I’ve used, but it allows people from around the world to challenge other members and see how many points or how much weight/reps they lift.
It doesn’t seem like much but a little friendly competition really does help you reach a higher potential.

I really can’t say anything more to convince you to get this app.

So lets recap –

The app is FREE on Android play store and the Apple store
A Community to help you with any questions
Tracking the workout is quick and easy
Quests/Challenges for those that get too bored of the regular routine
Duels against other users for that friendly competition

For anyone reading this post and ends up getting the app, put your Fitocracy username in the comments section and I’ll be sure to follow you.

Tracking your workouts and having a support group behind you only leads to success.

Thanks for reading.

Playstore – Fitocracy Download link


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