Personal Training In Chiswick

Partner Personal Training | Chiswick

Partner Personal Training | Chiswick

Partner Personal Training is the perfect service for couples/friends to achieve their fitness goals together.

Under the supervision and guidance from a Metabolic Fitness coach, we’re confident we can help you and your partner improve your fitness, movement and well-being. It’s important to remember that any success you gain comes from the support and motivation of your partner or friend.

What’s even better is that Partner Personal Training allows you to share the cost with your friend.

Exercises – 

The type of exercises you’ll be doing will be varied and ever changing although the basic movement patterns will be always be something we look to challenge and improve. The exercises will be chosen to suit your level of ability, and progression will be key to achieve results. Tools used will be Kettle Bells/Boxing/ TRX suspension trainer/ Sandbags and More.


Any where from your home, office, or local park. We can also provide a fully equipped private studio.


Please enquire for times and dates.


Partner Personal Training | Chiswick